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One of the most desired aesthetic and health goals alike is weight loss. Many people may find themselves at some point or another daydreaming about their perfect image. While proper dieting and exercise are keys to a healthy lifestyle, they may not always help you drop the weight you would like. Dr. Smith and his medical team can help you take that extra step to reach your ideal weight with Vibro Liposuction!

Smith Cosmetic Surgery is a leading-edge cosmetic laser surgery center in Ohio. Dr. Smith leads his medical team with high standards of patient comfort and safety as we carry out our mission to achieve your aesthetic goals. Contact us today to schedule a consultation appointment and find out which of our exciting treatment options may be able to benefit you!

What is Vibro Lipo Body Sculpting?

Vibro Lipo body sculpting is approved by the FDA as a safe and precise approach to eliminate stubborn fat. By using vibratory motions from a small cannula, this effective treatment approach can break down fat cells. Once the structure of the fat cells has been damaged, the fat is gently aspirated from the designated treatment site, resulting in a sculpted finish!

Dr. Smith is also able to transfer the extracted fat to the breasts, buttocks, or alternative region to further realize your contoured goals. Consult with Dr. Smith and our medical team to learn more!

What are some benefits to Vibro Lipo Body Sculpting?

  • Less swelling than other liposuction approaches
  • Less bruising than other body sculpting procedures
  • Patients will experience a fast recovery in comparison to some other body contouring treatments
  • Patients can experience results of a slimmer figure as well as smoother skin with less bumps and other inconsistencies

When will I be able to resume my normal schedule?

Depending on the extent of the body sculpting performed and the patient themselves will ultimately determine how soon you will be able to return to your schedule. Most patients are able to resume their routines within 1-2 days of their procedure.

Is Vibro Lipo Body Sculpting right for me?

To best determine if this cutting-edge body sculpting procedure is right for you, consult with Dr. Smith and his medical team today!

Don’t continue to live in a daydream of your picture-perfect image. Dr. Smith and his team of medical professionals can help you realize your goals of a sculpted figure with Vibro Lipo. Contact us today to schedule a consultation appointment and find out if this state-of-the-art procedure is your key to ultimate weight loss!