Treating Varicose Veins with Endovenous Laser Therapy

If you are one of the many individuals struggling with the presence of varicose veins, you have without a doubt given some thought to how you might be able to get rid of them. You may have even heard about treatments like vein stripping surgery, but have stayed away from it because of its invasive nature. If you are in this or a similar situation, you should ask our team about the benefits of endovenous laser therapy.

About Endovenous Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is done by directing concentrated pulses of light toward the veins that are causing the problems. When the veins absorb the energy, it converts to heat in an amount that is sufficient to safely destroy the vessels. They will then close off and disappear. Blood that formerly flowed through these veins will then be rerouted by the body through other vessels. As a result, treating the problem veins does not produce any circulatory issues.

Many times, varicose veins can be treated with laser therapy during which the energy is delivered from outside the skin. Technological developments have allowed this to be done without destroying the surrounding tissue. Larger veins, however, can often be more successfully treated when the energy is delivered from inside the vessel. This is when endovenous laser therapy is beneficial.


You should be able to resume most normal activities immediately after the treatment. This is another reason why endovenous laser therapy is often viewed as a more attractive option than vein stripping surgery.

Varicose veins form primarily in the legs. Inside the veins are valves that are there to prevent the blood from flowing in the wrong direction. When these valves become defective, the pull of gravity can make the blood pool inside the veins. This puts pressure against the inside walls of the vessels, and they enlarge as a result.

Varicose veins can negatively affect appearance with their blue streaks that often bulge out as well. In addition, many people with them suffer symptoms, sometimes on a daily basis. Varicose veins can cause the legs to swell. They can also cause itching and burning, and can at times be rather painful.

If you have put up with varicose veins long enough and feel it is time to do something about them, you should schedule an appointment at Smith Vein Institute. Our venous specialist can conduct an evaluation and let you know what kind of results you can expect with endovenous laser therapy. You may be pleased to know that an effective treatment is available that does not require the veins to be removed surgically. Contact us today to book a consultation at one of our offices in Concord Township or Middlefield.

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