ProFractional Resurfacing

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ProFractional resurfacing is a medspa treatment that aims to correct a myriad of skin aberrations such as sunspots, wrinkles, uneven pigmentations, stretch marks, and even acne scars. It works by focusing thermal laser energy onto target areas. This thermal energy then reaches the deep dermal layers. When this happens, the body’s injury response mechanisms activate. Newly produced collagen is deployed as well as an onslaught of other organically derived healing properties. These properties then help remedy any skin aberration that may exist in those areas. 

Serving the Cleveland area, Dr. David G. Smith and his team of expert medspa professionals can help you regain your skin’s youthful glow and shine in just three sessions. If you wish to schedule a personal consultation or care to speak with one of our representatives please call us at (440) 853-8208


Through aging, sun exposure, and different dermatological conditions, our skin can bend, crack, and even break. When we’re young the glue that fixes these damages is naturally-made collagen. Deep in our dermis, collagen is produced. It then goes to work erasing wrinkles, diminishing sunspots, keeping an even pigmentation, and lessening the appearance of scars. However, as we age, our collagen production gradually diminishes. It plateaus in our 20s and then descends after our 30s. By 50, women have lost on average 40% of their collagen production and then 2% every year thereafter.[1] This is the cause for the creeping debut of wrinkles and lines around our faces. For many, the sight of deepening wrinkles can be unflattering. You feel young, but the wrinkles may say otherwise. That’s why here at Smith Vein & Cosmetic Surgery, we offer ProFractional Resurfacing! This revolutionary procedure works to trigger your body’s natural anti-aging mechanisms so that you can look exactly how you feel.

Customized to You

The power of the ProFractional Resurfacing Laser is in the customizable power that it comes with. Calculated with tailored settings, the laser adjusts to fit your personal needs. With its revolutionary design and approach to cosmetic excellence, the ProFractional Resurfacing Laser out beats its competitors on every front.

Treat Sunspots

Sunspots usually arise on the face’s skin, although can also appear painted around the arms. These spots are due to ultraviolet light (UV) exposure as UV light increases melanin production in our skin. This rapid escalation in melanin is what produces dark spot pockets around our face and body. With the ProFractional Resurfacing Laser, sunspots can be lightened, returning your skin to its former beauty. 

Reduce Wrinkles

Wrinkles sprout up on our faces as if they’re parched for an influx of refreshing collagen to bide their thirst. With the ProFractional Laser, we can inspire a reinvigorating abundance of collagen. The laser’s thermal energy awakens the hibernating collagen receptors, shaking them back into full-scale production. Clients have seen a noticeable reduction to their wrinkles and a remarkable change to their countenance. 

Evens Out Pigmentation

While in the past other dermatological laser procedures may have damaged the pigmentation of people with darker skin, ProFractional Resurfacing Laser is completely customizable for all skin tones. The intensity and density of thermal energy can be finely tuned to your uniquely beautiful shade. 

Reduce Stretch Marks

As we age, our bodies widen and shrink. If the growth happens too fast for the collagen receptors to keep up, the top layer of the skin will rip, exposing the next subsequent layer. This rip and exposure is what we see when looking at stretch marks. With the induction of newly produced collagen, the ProFractional Resurfacing Laser is perfect at minimizing the sight of stretch marks – leaving you with wonderfully smooth and even skin. 

Minimize Acne Scars

In the past, treating acne scars has stumped many well-trained dermatologists. The scarring pockmarks have been difficult to help alleviate in appearance and severity. But with the introduction of fresh collagen, those hard to tackle acne scars can be greatly reduced and sometimes even eliminated altogether. 

Reduces Recovery Time & Discomfort

Since the laser is single beam fractional that means it only targets a certain area at a time. This technology is able to leave the target area intact during the procedure, unlike other resurfacing treatments, which ensures a quicker recovery. 


The ideal candidate for ProFractional Resurfacing is someone who has:

  • Fine lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Loss in skin’s volume
  • Age spots
  • Brown spots
  • Acne scars
  • And no time to wait around for results

If you see any of these conditions when you look in the mirror then please consider scheduling a personal consultation to begin your journey of reclaiming what is rightfully yours: your beautiful happiness.
Personal Consultation

At our offices just right outside Cleveland, in Concord Township, you will be greeted by our wonderfully friendly personal staff. Next, you will go into your own private consultation room. After learning about your medical and surgical history our goal is to have a dialogue with you about your aesthetic goals. You may bring up how you want to reduce your wrinkles, get rid of sunspots, or diminish any scars. Our objective here is to garner a sense of what your story is and where you wish that story will take you. Your satisfaction and safety are paramount to our team and that’s why we will note any and all details regarding your aesthetic goals. Next, we will configure a personalized plan to meet those goals. This plan may entail just ProFractional Resurfacing or it may include other complementary procedures that will work in addition to the laser treatment. Then, a treatment date will be scheduled. In the interim, we ask that you follow the list of preparatory steps to provide a smooth procedure and optimal results. 


To best prepare for your ProFractional Resurfacing treatment is best to follow these steps:

  • Protection from ultraviolet light is imperative, so it is best to wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen when outdoors. It is also recommended to avoid prolonged exposure if possible. 
  • If your skincare routine includes the use of retinol creams we ask that you discontinue its use 1 week before your treatment session.
  • Come to your treatment session barefaced so that no chemicals in your make-up interferes with the laser technology. 

Your ProFractional Resurfacing Session

When you come to our offices for your session, you will first be treated with a local anesthetic numbing cream. This will help curb any discomfort that may arise from your treatment. Then, Dr. Smith or one of our resurfacing specialists will gently apply the ProFractional device to your troublesome spots. The laser will make microscopic injuries to the skin, triggering the body’s natural healing response. This response will bring an onslaught of collagen and other skin rejuvenating chemicals that will work to heal the microscopic holes which in turn will work to alleviate the irregularities in your skin. 


After your treatment, there may be some redness and tenderness in your targeted areas. This is completely normal and should subside within the next few days. In addition, the treatment area may peel in the coming days. We recommend applying antimicrobial ointment during this healing process; and also continue to apply broad-spectrum. It’s important to avoid direct sun exposure while healing for at least 3 months following the treatment. During this time, you can use skin care products but avoid using anything too potent or complicated as this can be detrimental to your healing process. 


We recommend that 3 sessions are necessary to see the most optimal results. Afterwards, you will begin to notice your wrinkles have greatly diminished, your skin tone has evened out, sunspots have faded, and your face looks brighter, younger even. The skin appears rejuvenated, hydrated, and has a new apparent glow. 

Corresponding & Complementary Procedures 

Dermal Fillers

Another non-invasive treatment option for getting rid of wrinkles is the use of dermal fillers. With our state-of-the-art collection of various dermal filler products, we have a solution for any number of skin-related issues you may have. From smoothing out crows fit, marionette lines, vertical lines above the lips, and many more, we are proud to offer our patients a way to turn back the hands of time on their countenance. 

Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted hair in places like the upper lip, underarms, legs, and pelvic region can be slightly embarrassing for some clients. That’s why we offer the permanent hair loss solution that is laser hair removal. This revolutionary procedure focuses condensed light energy on unwanted hair follicles where they are then abraded. After the treatment, new, finer hair grows back in its place only to permanently fall out in a couple of days. Our clients say this is the superior solution to waxing, shaving, and hair removal creams. 

Cost in Cleveland

The cost for a ProFractional Resurfacing treatment may vary depending on the size of the treated area and the number of sessions necessary to garner your desired results. If you would like to learn more about our prices and financing please feel free to schedule a personal consultation or call us at (440) 853-8208.


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