Med Spa Services

Conveniently located to serve the areas of Cleveland, Concord Township and Middlefield, OH

Med spa services are designed to deliver transformative results without the downtime or invasiveness associated with surgery. If you wish to replenish your complexion or rejuvenate your look, consider a visit to Smith Vein & Cosmetic Surgery.

Under the expert leadership of Dr. David G. Smith, our dedicated staff can provide long-lasting results in a short frame of time. We have two convenient locations in Concord Township and Middlefield, Ohio to proudly serve the needs of the greater Cleveland area. Contact us online or call (440) 853-8208 to schedule a consultation. 


Every time your face makes an expression, the muscles contract. Each contraction pulls at the skin, causing fine lines and wrinkles that deepen with time. To control the persistent flexing of fine musculature lining your face, consider a neuromodulator like Botox. By disrupting the flow of chemicals from the nervous system to the muscles, Botox allows your face to show the expressions it wants to show, not the creases of time.  

Dermal Fillers

Muscular contractions are not the only cause of wrinkles. As the human body ages, it produces less and less collagen and elastin. These are the proteins that provide skin its resilient structure. When elastin and collagen are depleted, gaps emerge beneath the surface of the skin. Dermal fillers do exactly what their name suggests: they fill those subdermal gaps. Solutions like Radiesse and Juvéderm add volume to deflated features, bringing youthful dimensions back to your appearance. 


If you struggle with short, lackluster lashes, consider the benefits of Latisse. Formulated with bimatoprost, Latisse treats a condition called hypotrichosis, a deficiency in the length and fullness of the eyelashes.[2] By stimulating the follicles along the eyelid, Latisse stimulates lashes from their telogen phase to the anagen phase. In other words, it triggers growth to provide you with natural, stunning results. You can apply Latisse yourself in the comfort of home, but you must get a prescription from a licensed professional. Contact us to schedule your consultation. 

Chemical Peels

To address dull, uneven skin tone, explore the possibilities of chemical peels. Your med spa clinician will customize a chemical solution specifically for your needs. A light peel washes away textural imperfections while a deep peel stimulates collagen production and minimizes acne scars. Call (440) 853-8208 to discuss which level of chemical peel works best for your complexion. 


You look amazing! But sometimes dead skin gets in the way of your natural attractiveness. Dermaplaning gently removes unsightly hairs and unwanted cells from the outer layer of your skin. You can amplify the benefits of dermaplaning by combining it with a Stimulator peel to penetrate deep below the surface and smooth away fine lines and wrinkles. All that remains is splendor.

Erbium Laser Peel

The sun spreads warmth, but it also steals time. Photoaging is the term for the harmful effects of UV rays on the skin.[3] To reverse the dynamics of photoaging, an erbium laser peel targets wrinkles below the surface. The customized beam activates collagen, bringing a renewed vigor and vitality to sun-damaged skin.


Skin is amazingly contradictory. It is vulnerable, yet it shields us from the elements like a suit of armor. In order to strike the right balance between pliable and protective, the skin secretes an oily substance called sebum. When sebum accumulates in the pores, they can get clogged, forming acne and blackheads. We perform extractions at Smith Vein & Cosmetic Surgery to free your pores of unwanted obstructions. Your skin can breathe again!

Profractional Resurfacing

Most laser resurfacing treatments fall into one of two categories: ablative or non-ablative.[4] Ablative procedures destroy the outer layer of skin while non-ablative treatments take a gentler, less invasive approach. ProFractional resurfacing combines the best of both worlds. By creating micro-wounds, the laser stimulates the body’s own healing process to flood the target area with fresh collagen. This collagen begins to replace the dead cells and imperfections that the ProFractional beam strips away. 

Removal of Pigmented Lesions

The color in our skin is courtesy of melanin, which is produced by specialized cells called melanocytes. When these cells multiply in a given area, they can appear as dark spots, like freckles or moles. Our suite of laser services can remove pigmented lesions to provide an even tone and bright sheen to your complexion

Skin Tightening

As the subdermal structures below the surface weaken with time, the skin may sag or pucker. Forma Plus delivers rejuvenating radiofrequency waves deep below the skin. RF waves gently heat subdermal tissue, which tightens the skin from within. The results from a Forma Plus session arrive in waves; you will enjoy short-term tightening as well as long-term collagen stimulation to extend your rewards. 

Sun Damage Correction

There are a wide array of methods to reverse photoaging. Dr. Smith can recommend a strategic approach during your comprehensive consultation, explaining the opportunities of each technique. Your skin may benefit most from a chemical peel, erbium resurfacing treatments, a ProFractional session, or some combination of these processes.


They say beauty is only skin deep, and fortunately, so are many blemishes. If you struggle with scars, skin tags, or age spots, you may be able to freeze them away using cryotherapy.[5] CryoClear works in a matter of seconds, targeting impurities and allowing them to peel away naturally over the course of a few days. Those blemishes will be replaced with fresh, healthy skin that reflects your ideal self.

Laser Hair Removal

To eradicate unwanted hair better than any cream or wax could, get to the root of the problem. Our laser hair removal system targets the follicles of darker hairs, so your complexion will appear smooth and even after a session at Smith Vein & Cosmetic Surgery.

Benefits of Med Spa Treatments

You deserve all the upsides of cosmetic care without the downtime associated with surgery. A visit to our med spa can highlight your contours without changing the essence of your look. 

Med Spa Benefits

  • Minimally-invasive 
  • Customized to each face
  • Brightens the complexion
  • Adds volume to sagging features

To experience the benefits of a med spa treatment for yourself, please contact Smith Vein & Cosmetic Surgery at your earliest convenience. 

Eligible Candidates

If you desire tight, taut skin and alluring dimensions, then med spa treatments are ideal for you. Eligible candidates are men and women in good health who do not smoke. Tobacco products detract from your general health and dehydrate the skin, so they are counterproductive to everything we can accomplish here at our med spa. 

Private Consultation in Concord, Ohio

The cornerstone of improvement is communication. In addition to being a world-class physician, Dr. Smith is also an accomplished listener. Feel free to share your medical history and future goals with him. From there, Dr. Smith can create the best strategy to realize your cosmetic dreams.

In a continued effort to provide high-quality communication with our Cleveland friends and neighbors, we regularly update our blog. Feel free to read through our posts and bring any questions that may occur to you to the comprehensive consultation. 

Amazing Results

Whether you want a subtle lift or a striking transformation, our med spa services are designed to dazzle. One look at our glowing reviews will illustrate our level of dedication to aesthetic enhancement, and we are eager to translate our expertise into amazing results for you.

Dr. Smith is committed to providing 5-star service to Concord, Middlefield, Cleveland, and beyond. Please call (440) 853-8208 and get ready to join the ranks of our happy, healthy clientele.


How much does a med spa treatment cost in Cleveland, Ohio?

The cost of your med spa visit will be tailored to the services you receive. Dr. Smith prides himself on providing transparent pricing for all of his procedures. Please contact us with any questions you have regarding med spa costs in the Cleveland area. 


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