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Liposuction for the love handles is a body contouring procedure that targets excess fat at the flanks. The flanks lie on either side of the lower torso, just above the waist, on the backside of the hips. It is an area known to accumulate pesky pockets of fat easily. When the flanks do get flabby, they are lovingly referred to as “love handles.” Despite this endearing nickname, the love handles are notoriously difficult to address through traditional weight loss measures, like diet and exercise. But VASER Liposuction is ideally suited to target stubborn fat cells in this area and remove them for good.

Smith Vein & Cosmetic Surgery offers VASER Liposuction to our Cleveland-area community. VASER is the latest and most advanced technique for fat removal body contouring. Dr. David G. Smith provides a wide range of cosmetic treatments so that his patients can achieve their aesthetic goals and feel better about themselves. Make his blog your one-stop resource for vascular treatments and cosmetic enhancement.

About VASER Lipo for the Flanks 

It is unclear how the flanks ended up with their affectionate handle, but, for those who are afflicted with stubborn pockets of fat in that area, there’s no love lost between people and their love handles. Not only is the fat in this area especially difficult to lose, even for people who lead a healthy, active lifestyle, but, until recently, it was also challenging to address the love handles using conventional liposuction. 

That’s where the VASER advantage comes in. 

The Advantages of VASER Liposuction

VASER is an acronym for vibration amplification of sound energy at resonance. VASER Liposuction is an advanced form of liposuction that employs gentle, high-frequency vibrations to whip intractable fat cells loose from their vascular moorings, allowing for an easier, less invasive removal.[1] VASER Lipo is less disruptive to the tender tissues under the skin, so the technique is able to remove more fat overall, and in a more precise manner. VASER is perfect for targeting the love handles because the area can be particularly sensitive to trauma. Where once the flanks were mostly off-limits for body contouring treatments, VASER has opened up vast new vistas for fat removal.[2]  

Smith Vein & Cosmetic Surgery invites you to schedule a personal consultation so that you can learn more about the amazing aesthetic options that VASER makes available. Contact us online to begin a transformative conversation with a member of our staff. Or, you can call (440) 853-8208 if you prefer to reach us by phone. 


If you are an otherwise healthy individual who longs to get rid of stubborn fat at the flanks, then VASER Liposuction could be the right course of action for you. Severely overweight or chronically obese individuals are not qualified candidates for liposuction, however. Liposuction and other body contouring surgeries are not intended for weight loss, nor are they a substitute for a healthy, active lifestyle. Liposuction is an aesthetic procedure to improve the look of the body by enhancing curves and sculpting the silhouette. 

If your exercise routine and dieting regiment have failed to reduce the excess fat at your love handles, consider a confidential consultation with Dr. Smith and his team at Smith Vein & Cosmetic Surgery. 

Your Consultation at Smith Vein & Cosmetic Surgery 

Dr. David G. Smith is among Cleveland’s most skilled and experienced surgeons. He has embraced the VASER technique for liposuction because he has judged it to be a superior fat removal procedure. At your personal consultation, Dr. Smith and his staff of medical professionals will welcome you to their Concord Township or Middlefield, Ohio offices. Your consultation will consist of a brief intake interview and a physical examination. Dr. Smith will also review your medical records to determine if you are a qualified candidate for the procedure.  

If you get the green light, then Dr. Smith or a capable medical professional will provide you with a set of personalized preparation guidelines. Dr. Smith strongly recommends that you follow these instructions with fidelity to ensure a safe and successful surgery.

If you hate your love handles and are ready to do something about them, then it’s time to contact us at Smith Vein & Cosmetic Surgery. Call (440) 853-8208 schedule your personal consultation at one of our Cleveland-area offices. They say that breaking up is hard to do—but not when it comes to unflattering love handles! Get the conversation started with Dr. Smith and his team today.

Preparation & Procedure

Proper preparation for your VASER Liposuction procedure is the best way to make sure that your post-operative recovery is free of unforeseen complications that can compromise your results. So Dr. Smith advises that you plan ahead. Please pick up any prescribed medications ahead of your surgery day. This will help to avoid any mad dashes to the pharmacy when you should be at home healing.  Dr. Smith also strongly suggests that you arrange to take at least a couple of days off from work immediately following your operation. While VASER Liposuction is usually a simple, outpatient procedure, it is always wise to be kind to your body while it is healing. 

What makes the VASER Liposuction procedure different from traditional liposuction is the addition of high-frequency vibrations to the early phases of the operation, before the fat is removed from the treatment area.[3] These resonant sound waves whisk stubborn clumps of intractable fat cells into a smooth slurry. The emulsified fat is easier to remove, thus allowing for greater precision by Dr. Smith and less trauma for the patient.[4]  

Recovery & Results

Because VASER Lipo is easier on the body, its recovery time is dramatically reduced when compared to traditional liposuction. Most patients are able to walk out of our offices under their own power after the VASER procedure has concluded. To optimize your outcomes, please faithfully follow your customized recovery guidelines provided by Dr. Smith. 

Does the Fat Come Back After Lipo?

Liposuction permanently removes fat cells from the target area. Because the overall number of fat cells is fixed in adults, once some are removed, they will not return. Fat removal, however, is not to be confused with weight loss. When a person consumes excess calories, the fat cells swell, causing the visible symptoms typically associated with being overweight. Following liposuction, the patient is still quite capable of gaining weight if they do not take care of themselves. Even though their fat cell count has been reduced, the remaining fat cells can grow larger. 

How Much Does Love Handle Liposuction Cost in Cleveland?

Dr. Smith creates a custom course of treatment for every individual. So your costs may vary depending on the extent of the surgery and will be adjusted if any additional procedures are needed to achieve the desired results. 

Dr. Smith is committed to providing the highest quality care to his patients, and that’s a value proposition that’s important to consider if you are seeking fat removal in the Cleveland area. Read through Dr. Smith’s reams of positive reviews to get a sense of your experience at Smith Vein & Cosmetic Surgery. Invest in yourself and your own future contentment by calling (440) 853-8208 to schedule a private consultation with us.   


How do I get rid of my love handles?

Love handles can be particularly difficult to address with diet and exercise alone. Also known as the flanks, this area is notorious for storing stubborn pockets of fat that are particularly resistant to the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Liposuction is one means of treatment that has shown great success in removing fat from this area. VASER Liposuction offers a unique advantage because its sonic waves of high-frequency vibration shake fat cells loose in this difficult area. Thanks to VASER, patients can expect a higher volume of fat removed from their flanks, with greater safety and precision.  

How long after lipo can you see results?

You will be able to see some of your results immediately after your procedure has concluded. However, swelling in the area may mask your final results until after you have completely recovered. After about a month, any bruising and swelling should recede. Prepare to be dazzled when you look in the mirror after 30 days to admire your results. 

How can I help promote healing and good results after liposuction?

It is very important that you follow your surgeon’s aftercare instructions so that you have a safe and fruitful recovery that is free of complications. Please refrain from vigorous physical activity and wear your compression garments as directed. 


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